Please help me improve my thermostats

Dear community,

Recently I bought a few Tuya Zigbee TRV’s that I installed on 3 of my radiators and work quite well. I iinstalled them via Zigbee2MQTT and they automatically generated the following entities (with their respective current values):

binary_sensor.trv_big_right_battery_low		off
climate.trv_big_right		off
lock.trv_big_right_child_lock		unlocked
number.trv_big_right_boost_timeset_countdown		0
number.trv_big_right_comfort_temperature		21
number.trv_big_right_eco_temperature		17
number.trv_big_right_holiday_temperature		17
number.trv_big_right_local_temperature_calibration		0
number.trv_big_right_open_window_temperature		21
select.trv_big_right_working_day		mon_sun
sensor.trv_big_right_error_status		0
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_friday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_monday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_saturday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_sunday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_thursday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_tuesday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
sensor.trv_big_right_schedule_wednesday		06:00/17 12:00/21 14:00/17 17:00/21 24:00/17
switch.trv_big_right_frost_protection		off
switch.trv_big_right_heating_stop		on
switch.trv_big_right_online		on
switch.trv_big_right_open_window		off
text.trv_big_right_holiday_start_stop		2021/01/01 01:01 | 2021/01/01 01:01
update.trv_big_right		off

I started by setting them on manual mode at 22 °C.
The problem that I am facing is that, they are using their own internal temperature sensors and, because of this reason, the thermometers installed in the respective rooms (at around 1.5 m above the floor and about 2 meters away from the radiators) show anything between 20.5 and 23.5 °C. Clearly, either the TRV’s have a rather big (over 1 °C) hysteresis, either their sensors are greatly impacted by the heat they generate. Looking over historic data the temperature oscillations were less than +/- 1 °C while using the old, mechanical TRV’s.
Given the above exposed entities, what could I do in order for my HA powered thermostats to use the external thermometers instead the ones integrated in the TRV’s. Or at least limit the temperature variations.

The point of these TRV’s is to create a few automations that would help me save some energy: automatic vacation mode, day/night schedules, turn off heating in case of window open, etc.

Thank you for your help!

I’m not using it myself, but maybe this will work for you:
GitHub - swingerman/ha-dual-smart-thermostat: The dual_smart_thermostat is an enhaced verion of generic thermostat implemented in Home Assistant. It uses several sensors and dedicated switches connected to a heater and air conditioning under the hood.

What about getting 3-4 temperature sensors (Sonoff or Shelly comes to mind), and set them in key areas about the room. Get their group average and see where controlling the valve(s) in that room, using that temp. reading, gets you. Compare with the valve reading, or use the valve reading in the average room temperature group. Experiment.

You might not need more than one other sensor per room, but as an initial test that’s what I’d do. The results will guide you.

Definitely maybe?