Please help me with the basics of Python (pair programming?)

Hi everybody!

I’m a web developer (mainly PHP/Symfony, JS) from Amsterdam and I’m using Home Assistant for a while now, but I don’t have any Python experience to be able to contribute to this project. But I really want to help with some integrations. I’ve already set up my development environment, but struggling with the Python syntax/architecture.

I think I’d be fun and helpful to pair with a more experienced Python developer to help me with some basics. Maybe we can set up a video call to help me with the basics of Python/Home Assistant development.

I’d recommend starting with doing a plug-in for something. I started python adapting Plex and xmbc (kodi) plugins.

They’re a good taster for python.

I want to start with adding features to the Syncthing integration. I’m not using Plex.