Please help: Spontaneous turning on Ikea Lights

as of late, 2 of my many Ikea Tradfri lights keep turning on spontaneously.

I have no clue whatsoever what could be triggering this. These lights are not connected to a Tradfri motion sensor, only have the remote switch connected to them.

I have no automation set to these lights, but one, and that isnt triggering, and even has a set of conditions for it not to trigger eg when people are home. They turn on when people are home…

As a mater of fact, I have a listing of all automations happening in my system, and added a new tracking automation for these lights, and they aways appear independently from other automations in the system, so i can rule out that.

I dont have a timer or other automation set in the Ikea App…

I am out if ideas what this could be, so turn to the community, if anyone of you recognize this, and even better, would know how to solve this.

Have the Ikea lights for over 2 years now, and this never happened before, and all that can be changed is either the Ikea software, or HA system versions.

Thanks for having a llokif you would.

Look at your Logbook page.Which automation fires right before the lights turn on?

If you have incorrectly specified an entity_id for the light.turn_on service in any automation and home assistant can’t find that entity, it will turn on all the lights.

HiTom, thanks for chiming in,

I have never been able to open the logbook page, nor the history page… in any version of Hassio only with a few entities in the start if building a system.

Logbook and history take forever, and finally bog the system.

that’s why I have made my own automation logging system, and no, there is no automation fired just before the lights turning on…

also, its only these 2 lights, and I dont have an error in the entity_id’s anywhere in the system.

so, I am puzzled
Figured maybe its the ikea remote switch thats acting up (who knows, battery issue or something like that) so will remove that for a day or 2 to see what happens.

Do you have any kind of light level integrations running? I tried circadian lighting recently and found my IKEA lights coming on randomly, and at very inconvenient times (like 4am). I switched this off and the problem went away.

I use Ikea Ledare’s (Dimmable but Dumb).
I avoided Tradfri as I tested a couple out and they easily (it seemed to me) got out of sync.
But the major issue was their behaviour on power cycling - They came on !
Perhaps you are experiencing brown-outs and these two bulbs are sensitive enough to see that as a restart ?
After you have tried removing the battery from the remote for a couple of days, Try replacing them, or moving the bulbs around, to see if the problem moves with them.

A UPS is pretty impactical for your Light (though I’ve seen 1 smart house with such. - Do you have a SPD on your consumer unit ? (will help with spikes than can damage electronic equipment). Maybe they were damaged in a lightning storm a couple of months ago ??? (speculation only)

thanks, checked that, and my 1 circadian automation is off, and not using those 2 lights. Good thought though ;-=)

no, no brown-outs here, but I’ve found out something odd today

1 of my other remotes switches was empty, and ever since I change those, the lights havent moved…

maybe they turn-on again next few hours, but if they stay off for the next day or so, this could well be it…
How this is to be explained is beyond me yet, but at least I hope to have found the issue/source then, and can dig further in to this