Please help to get the sensors values from the API

Please find the API result below, I need to get the three values of eta fields below:


    "type": "ETA",
    "generated_timestamp ": "2020-05-26T00:25:04+08:00",
    "data": [
            "seq": 5,
            "stop": "002438",
            "eta": "2020-05-26T00:18:17+08:00",
            "eta_seq": 1
            "stop": "002438",
            "eta": "2020-05-26T00:48:17+08:00",
            "eta_seq": 2
            "stop": "002438",
            "eta": "2020-05-26T01:08:19+08:00",
            "eta_seq": 3

How can I do that?


Tested in the Template Editor:

Will you be using MQTT or REST to acquire the JSON data?

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REST to acquire the JSON data

OK, then you will need to use the RESTful sensor integration.

HI! could you please share your rest request ? I am trying to recover also a value and I am struggling with my configuration.yaml content