Please help with dlib configuration

Man I really thought that might have been it, i hate how thats formatted compared to most others. However I get the exact same error…

With the face detect component, is there a way to create a camera that would show a box around each face that is detected?

Right now it this is all I get:

In the opencv component, you see at the bottom of the documentation you can add a component that will show you the camera but add a box around detected faces.

Ok, try this:
Put the image file into homeassistant/www/faces (create a folder named faces, or whatever)
Then use this path in the yaml file:


Also, to answer your question about that thing showing what dlib sees… I think there is nothing out there. I couldnt find anything. If you ever find, please let me know, as I am interested too.

Edit: If this doesnt work, this is because it is the wrong path if you are NOT using raspbian. You didnt mention anything about your setup, so I just guessed.

Had the same error, it was something with the resolution and file type, please try uploading another picture and check it.

Once I’ll get back home (next week) I’ll send you exactly the file type and resolution I’m using.

@argykaraz Hey sorry buddy, I didnt get a notice of your reply for some reason so I just seen it. Im positive I have the path correct, Im runnin ha docker on an ubuntu vm. I can access the pics by url…typically I just use /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/www/example.jpg.

@bar thanks buddy. I will try a couple others.

I tried 3-4 different images and always get the same error, you mind sharing the characteristics of a picture you know its working?

dont know if you are still wondering but I had this same error until I removed the “name:” under source. i never tried to figure out how to get it to work i just left it off.

Can you share your code? I have the same error and tried everything already.

Sorry, I am not using dlib anymore. Too heavy for a raspberry…

What are you using now instead?

Nothing. I havent found something to be so lightweight for a raspberry to handle. It makes sense by the way… This is face recognition after all. I wouldnt expect anything more. It might be a good idea to have a raspberry dedicated for this only. That would make sense.

So, for now I am not using face recognition. I used it once (that period of my post above) but then I realized I was taking resources from the rpi that I could use in more important things. I hope someday I will upgrade to a NUC.

All right. Thanks for your answer. I know there are a lot of services for face recognition. I saw a couple of guys that configured them on Raspberry pi and given they cost almost nothing it is easy to setup your own in there.

Hi Javier i use this link like reference
so example in my case use hassio in a raspberry so, i use this

- platform: dlib_face_identify
- entity_id: camera.eye_3
Jack: /config/www/faces/d.jpg

i hope this example can help you, i dont have any problem now with the validate yaml, now i need to test it


I moved my installation to a NUC, so now I have a bit more power than my Rpi3.
Then I set up the dlib face detect component, and it also seems to detect objects - now I just needs to test and see if it can recognize the pictures uploaded.

Working conf;

 - platform: dlib_face_identify
    - entity_id: camera.protect_baghave_stue
     Man: /config/www/faces/man.jpg
     Woman: /config/www/faces/woman.jpg

Have anyone succesfully created an automation that sends a notification when a known person is detected?

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I have the same question. If you know already, kindly answer. Thanks

Hi Shah,

I’m sorry but I moved to Deepstack instead.
Seems to work better for my needs and I do also have various automation that works.

wow, good to know that. I downloaded docker instance of Deepstack using this reference

Unfortunately, getting Platform error image_processing.deepstack_face - No module named 'deepstack' error.
Did I miss anything about dependency? Is there any guideline to complete it? Thanks

I followed the authors guide of this wonderful component:

Is there a Non-Docker version of this …?

Hello, I have a generic camera, but dlib_face_detect is not recognizing any face, even if I stare in front of the camera. I have a VSTARCAM C7837WIP.

What can be the problem with it?

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  - platform: generic
    name: Veranda
    authentication: digest
    username: admin
    password: 240778
    stream_source: rtsp://

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  - platform: dlib_face_detect
      - entity_id: camera.veranda