Please help with HomeKit controller setup!

I am attempting to use the HomeKit controller for the first time. I have a Koogeek power strip that I am trying to add.

It is discovered under Integrations:

But when I add the HomeKit code (including the dashes) I get this error:
An unhandled error occurred while attempting to pair with this device. This may be a temporary failure or your device may not be supported currently.

Does anyone know how to resolve this? Or is this device possibly not supported?

Update - I also tried adding an iDevices outdoor switch and encountered the same issue. Interestingly, sometimes it discovers both devices and sometimes it doesn’t seem them at all. But in both cases, I cannot add them to HA. Both have been removed from HomeKit. I’m pretty sure I have the necessary settings configured correctly in configuration.yaml:


    - apple_tv
    - roku
    - sonos
    - homekit

@Jc2k We chatted about this in another thread, but I have more details here. Any thoughts?

Your best bet for homekit_controller support is on GitHub, i don’t really use the forums (due to lack of time, only check GitHub).

Discovery does seem to be flaky for some people with KooGeek gear. My KooGeek LS1 works just fine though, so i don’t know if its something to do with network setup? Luckily when pairing is complete it doesn’t rely on discovery any more.

Don’t try to enable discovery for homekit. It doesn’t do anything any more apart from print an error in the logs. default_config: is all you need.

When you raise an issue on GitHub can you check your logs to see if there is an error about the pairing? I think for that particular popup there should be a much more detailed error in the logs. Might even be visible in the UI (click on Developer Tools / Logs).

Thank you, @Jc2k! I posted a GitHub issue here.