Please help with template sensor

What is wrong with this:

# Hue motion sensors
  - platform: hue
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'MBR Temperature'
        entity_id: sensor.mbr_motion_temperature
        value_template: '{{ (states('sensor.mbr_motion_temperature') | float + 0.5) | int }}'

The sensor.mbr_motion_temperature exists with a valid value. My only reason for wanting to create the template sensor is to round it. Reporting temperature to 0.01 F is just plain dumb since none of the home sensors have anywhere near that resolution in practice (some claim to have it but I doubt that.) And who needs to know if their bedroom is at 79.65 or 79.63?

The error produced on config check is:

Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: while parsing a block mapping
in “/config/sensors/huesensors.yaml”, line 6, column 9
expected , but found ‘’
in “/config/sensors/huesensors.yaml”, line 8, column 38

The complete huesensors.yaml is listed above. What looks like 1 space indent is actually 2 in the text file.

I should also add that the stuff after value template produced correct results in the HA template checker.

Double quotes outside single quotes or your quotes only encompass this:

value_template: '{{ (states('


 value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.mbr_motion_temperature') | float + 0.5) | int }}"

Why not use the built-in hue integration instead of the outdated custom component? Already rounded to two decimal points by default…

Thanks. I was so focused on finding something wrong with indenting or other syntax that I missed the obvious!

I probably will try the built-in integration. But if it rounds to 2 decimal places I’ll still need the template.