Please let us see your dashboards

Hi everyone,
as I am following homeassistant on twitter, people tweet and retweet images of cool dashboards from time to time. So I was thinking about starting a thread where people can show their dashboards an provide inspiration to others i.e. beginners like me :grinning: .


I only use the dashboards for system monitoring (and to make the nerd in me happy).

For all the other stuff I try to automate in a way that doesn’t need my interaction, that’s the whole point of a smart home for me. I don’t want to walk to the next tablet or take out my phone or whatever.


The top will show the different ones that I have. I use icons to easily identify.
I figured I would show a page that is unlikly to exist on anyone’s HA instance:

I like the summary page that I have that uses more button cards then you can see, since they hide themselves if there is nothing to display.

One of the normally hidden cards is a list of Traps that have a mouse in them (to wrap it back into the first one). There is a weather alert card that is currently displayed along with my currently running outside light routine.

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My wall panel dashboard. Don’t mind the weird mixture of English and French, this is still in development (as a programmer I tend to keep stuff in English and it’s so much shorter than French) :slightly_smiling_face:

The blue tiles open popup menus, which automatically close after 30 seconds of inactivity and go back to the main dashboard.

This runs on a cheap 7 inch tablet that I originally intended for wall mount, but it works just as well lying on a cupboard in the hallway. And at least I don’t have to rip open the drywall to run power lines. I adjusted the UI many times, eventually converging onto something that should be user friendly, intuitive and discoverable, even by someone who doesn’t know the system. And it looks at least acceptable aesthetically. Internally it uses a heavily modified version of Tileboard.

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Thanks for posting this! I like many aspects of this and it gives some food for thought… :smiley: