Please make HA subscription inside HA app on iPhone (not on website Nabu Casa))

Also, mark HA like have subscriptions in App Store. Please allow pay from App Store balance.

Seeing Apple charges the sellers a 30% fee to the subscription, this will probably not happen any time soon. If it does, I expect it to be added to app store subscriptions only. Because if the cost are calculated into the subscription price for everyone, I’ll be paying to sponsor your convenience. That is not something I’m prepared to do.


As an option, make the subscription a little more expensive or for a little less months. For example, you can subscribe to Google one like this

Pointless. Subscription is easy direct to Nabu Casa


+1, don’t be so lazy, you can take 2 minutes to do it on nabu casa website without letting 1/3 of price for abusive apple margins !

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You can already use ApplePay, if you see the need to finance one of the richest companies even more… :-1:

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