Please make helper groups behavior the same as groups created via yaml

I noticed when I create a group via helpers the behavior is different to when I create a group via the ‘old’ yaml method.

When I create the same group via helpers, it only shows me the ability to control that group after clicking on it.

When I create a group via yaml and click on it it shows me all the group members with the option to control every single group member.

It would be great if the behavior of helper groups would be the same as that of groups created the ‘yaml way’ to give you the ability to control every single group member after clicking on the group.


Also, yaml groups expand in lovelace autogenerated dashboards, UI made groups no not. But the above properties panel is way more important to me. For instance, a group to detect open windows will show the open ones. Saves me a trip around the house to look for which one.

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I also have the same desire! Still hanging on to the old-style-groups just because of this!

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