Please, make integration for Xiaomi MIJIA MJXFJ-300-G1?

I bought Xiaomi MIJIA MJXFJ-300-G1,
I tried to use the code from


but I still could not connect this air fresher to the Home assistant. Who can do the integration for this device?

This is not how open source works! You either need to be patient and lucky that a dev owns the same device and is willing to spend his free time to implemwnt it into home assistant or do it yourself.

Did you post an issue on the two github projects that don’t work for you? As far as I can see it should work with these.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have programming skills. Therefore, I ask who can help me.

Did you read my post??? Open Source doesn’t work like this, you don’t pay someone to program an integration for you!
Let’s assume you’ll find someone willing to do it, would you be willing to pay at minimum 1000 bucks? Because you need to assume that the dev doesn’t have the device and you need to buy it for him? Let’s assume you find and pay someone to do it with success, will you share the final product you paid for with the community?

If I were you I’d post an issue on the github links you posted, explaining what did not work for you.

Clear. Thanks for the clarification.

I used this script.
Only works as a switch, on and off. Well, at least so.

@remo.78 Thanks for your great contribution. You analysis of your logs, and informative issue posts to github on the two integrations you mentioned in your first post are what make such a strong communiy.

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