Please make Wear OS app available in South Africa

Not sure how to reach the right people, hope this post can get noticed.

I’m super keen on trying out the app on my Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2. Sadly it does not show up in the app store. I looked into side loading it, but looks like it might not be possible with my specific watch.

Would appreciate immensely if somebody could publish the app to the app store for me.

The Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 is not WearOS but Tizen OS. So it is not a matter of location, the app is developed for a different platform. Samsung is switching to WearOS with the Watch 4 series, but I am not so sure they will for their activity trackers. Nor do I expect Nabu Casa will develop for Tizen OS now that Samsung is switching to WearOS for their smartwatches too.