Plex activity monitor problems (2019)


Hello, I have been googling (yepp i just said googling :slight_smile: ) around for hours, and cant for the love of the network gods get this to work in any shape or form.
Have any of you tried this and gotten it to work ?

Kind regards


nope, added in all sorts and cant seem to find anything to do with my plex.

I have the following in my configuration.yaml file



PLEX Server Sensor

  • platform: plex
    port: 32400
    name: ‘PLEX’
    username: ‘username’
    password: ‘password’
    server: PLEX
    token: bJk*******8y5EjkyCB
    ssl: false


PLEX Media Player

  • platform: plex
    entity_namespace: ‘plex’
    include_non_clients: true
    scan_interval: 5
    show_all_controls: true
    use_custom_entity_ids: true
    use_episode_art: true
    remove_unavailable_clients: true
    client_removal_interval: 600

I have the following in my plex.conf file

“”: {
“ssl”: false,
“token”: “bJko3*********5EjkyCB”,
“verify”: false

Then after all that nothing shows up along the lines of media_player.plex

Totally flummoxed


Yepp same here, I have tried just about all the different versions I have found in various forums, but still not gotten one to work. So if anyone have gotten this to work I would love to see the config.