Plex component: broken and messing logs!


I’m really bored of that Plex component included in HA that doesn’t work anymore since a while !! I have just reinstalled on a new system a clean HA system and still have same problem with that component !! I gave it a token and validate SSL options but still doesn’t work and generate lot of noise in logs !!
I have removed all Plex options in config file, crashed the plexconf file and added plex in ignore media platform in configuration file but I still get logs with unauthorised access failed to Plex server in HA logs :frowning: Why does it still try to connect at that platform when I tell him not !!!

Thanks for help,


No one using that component or having issues with it ?? :confused:

I have the problem only with the Plex component ! The activity component is working fine but not the other one !!