Plex Integration Should Scrobble/Track Watched

I love the Plex integration so far, but it would be great if it could track watched shows. Currently, I’m using it to watch my On Deck shows, but after I finish an episode, Plex isn’t aware that I’ve watched it.

Similarly, and possible related, I’ve noticed that if I use play_media to launch a Plex show, Plex webhooks don’t seem to fire.

It could be that this feature is available and I have something set up wrong…maybe the token or something. If that’s the case, please let me know and I’ll start troubleshooting.

Possibly a related issue

I just ran into this problem as well. Are there any updates on this? I checked the related issue and it seems to have some conversation, but not for a few months. I use home assistant the same way as you, with my On Deck shows and it’s almost useless if it doesn’t automatically play the next episode after the current one finishes.

This is a Plex-side issue as I understand it. If the playback is not reflected in Plex Web, there’s no way we can know about it. Which Plex client type(s) does this affect for you?

I’ve been testing this on my Nvidia Shield (AndroidTV-based) and the problem remains. I actually tested again last night on the latest version.

I was also using the Nvidia Shield. I just tested with my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and my TCL Roku TV.

The Samsung (Android) phone behaved the same way as Android TV on the Shield did. Plex did not track progress and the Plex dashboard never showed anything playing.

The Roku however, did track progress and showed up in the Plex dashboard.

While the issue of Plex playing without the dashboard knowing does seem to be a Plex-side problem, Plex’s media_player entity does work as expected with Roku. I am not sure if this something that can be fixed in how the media_player entity for Android works, or if it also a Plex-side fix.

Unless there are errors in the HA log, this sounds like the same upstream issue.