Plex Meets Home Assistant: Doesn't work properly

I’ve installed the ‘Plex Meets Home Assistant’ plugin, still plenty of bugs, but at least it works - sort of - but only when I view Home Assistant from my laptop. EVERY other device, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire tablets (all of them), other Windows 10 desktops - you name it and it gives the following error:

Error: Plex server did not respond.
Details of error: Network Error


I suspect it only works on the computer I installed the integration from and no other.

Anyone with an ideas?
Many thanks :smiley:

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Bump same problem

Has anyone found a work around for this?

I have created a new local HA to use with my tablet but this still does not allow the tablet to connect to the Plex server. The laptop access worsk ok and is really good but really need this on the tablet to allow easy access to the films/TV shows