Plex - More than 5 servers possible?

I’ve been using the Plex integration successfully with HA for a while, but since the recently required Plex password change I’ve hit a problem which I need a bit of help with.

My set-up is that I have two local plex servers, plus access to an additional 5 from friends and family, so 7 servers overall.

When I try and configure the Plex integration, only the 5 shared ones show up to be chosen, my two own ones are not available to be selected. Of course those two are the ones I want to actually link up to HA, but I have no way to do it now.

Is there any way to either manually do it via yaml, or to get more than 5 servers shown in the list within the integration configuration screen?

Never mind - worked it out.

Had an additional entry to the red reconfiguration box for the integration further down the list. Removing that and starting again got it working again.