PLEX - Play the next unwatched TV Show Episode

I am successfully using Plex with HA and want to start the next unwatched episode of a show. I set the content_id of the service call to:
{ "library_name": "TV Show", "show_name": "Simpsons" } but it will always start S01E01. I tried to add "unwatched": "True" to the dict, but this has no effect. I guess the unwatched param is just for movies (looks like it in the docs). Anyone had the same problem and was able to solve it?

This is not yet supported in the current release but is actively being developed in this open PR:

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Ah damn, I searched the issues in the repo but didn’t find it. Probably because I looked for “unwatched” in the title. Sorry, my bad. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to that merge :slight_smile: