Plex screen masking

I have been scouring the internet to see if anyone has the ability to mask a projector screen based on the contents aspect ratio. I know that with Plex you can view this information in the XML file of the movie file that is being played. The question is that can we get this to show up in home assistant so that if it’s a 2.35.1 movie the masking system will change to that setting. I’ve got my masking system setup with the Logitech Harmony with all my different settings and can manually switch using the remote it would be nice now to trigger this automatically using homeassistant.

So I’ve been doing some digging and have noticed that when a movie is being played and transcoded the aspect ratio does not show up. The height and width of the content does no matter if it’s transcoding or direct play. I know that the plexapi can pull the height and width if I could figure out how to add this to the python script that home assistant is using then I think this could work.

I recently used another post to get this working… A solution can be found here…