Plex Server

Just installed a Terramaster NAS. Enabled Plex Media server on it. Now when I go to HASS overview there is an options to configure. I not sure what it is asking for or what do I get?
Someone did a component so there has to be some value. I would like to control it with the wallpanel app and Alexa someday. I am hoping with some answers to phrase better question. Right now I don’t know enough to ask one. :slight_smile:



Check the link that you sent, specifically this part:
“If you don’t know your token, see Finding your account token / X-Plex-Token.” :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that did answer part of the question.
Do you use the component? If so how?
I am looking for some use cases.

I use mine to switch a lamp depending on the play/pause/stop status.

I also send notifications to it for critical items.