Plex 'Show All Controls' setting - what does it do?

Can someone help me understand what this setting in my config file does?

media_player 1:
- platform: plex
  entity_namespace: 'plex'
  include_non_clients: true
  scan_interval: 5
  show_all_controls: true
  use_custom_entity_ids: true
  use_episode_art: true

I’m not understanding what “Show_All_Controls” does. I initially had it set to false and changing it to true didn’t make any changes to the controls on the interface. Only difference I see is that there is more info listed in the ‘states’ section (episode, series, etc.).

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have a functional ‘front-end’ for plex inside of Home Assistant. Ideally a way to browse my library and pick what to watch right from inside home assistant. Has anyone ever attempted this before?