Pls explain SIREN component usage

Before 2021.8 version installed - had Z-Wave Neo Coolcam siren in system.
Siren integration claims “Siren entities are created automatically by integrations that support them.”.
But still have no entities created. Do I need remove and add device again to HA ?

First, you must be using the zwave_js integration for Z-Wave siren support, legacy zwave or ozw integrations do not support sirens. Second, only Z-Wave Sirens that implement the Sound Switch Command Class are supported. The Neo Coolcam siren (NAS-AB01Z) does not support this command class, so you will not get any siren entities for it. Devices like the Aeotec Gen 6 Siren and Zooz ZSE19 are examples of supported Z-Wave sirens.

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Thank You very much.
Have right integration (Z-Wave JS), but “wrong” siren.

Would be nice to have more information about supported devices in Siren integration documentation.

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My zigbee siren doesn’t appear either :frowning:

For future folks, you can easily change the sound of the
NAS-AB01Z with a basic zwave set configuration parameter service before you trigger the alarm

For example, to make the sound a doorbell

service: zwave_js.set_config_parameter
  parameter: "5"
  value: "1"
  entity_id: switch.garage_alarm

Full list of parameters here:

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