Pls Help! My Android app eating battery so much,run at 16 hrs per day and I have tired almost everything

I tried everything.

  • I disabled every sensor

  • Never on Persistance connection

  • Disabled background access

  • Sensor update frequenzy normal

  • Turn off persistance conection and sensor worker notification

  • Fresh clean install of the app
    (HASS OS lastest version . Android app lastest version )
    The app is on Google Pixel 5

Pls Help, Thanks.

we have some steps outlined here: Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs

I see you said a fresh install but if you previously installed the app it does restore potential bad data upon re-install so you should probably follow the start fresh steps as noted in the above link to avoid that.

I Did all that. every step.

Fresh install every step by that guide

I’m experiencing the same thing after the most recent update on a OnePlus 8 Pro