Plug energy meter into a usage graph

Hi, I am new to HASS. The setup was easy, integrated my Tuya account via HACS can add devices, and get the default feeds. Pretty happy so far.

What I really want to do though has me running in circles so any help would be appreciated, I see people talking about and directing people to sensors and utility_meter but I don’t understand how those things come together.

Anyway, what I am trying to do is take my energy usage information from my smart plug and present it as a daily, weekly, and monthly graph to display how much is used each hour or day for that time period.

So far I have :

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.office_power_power
    name: office_energy_kwh
    unit_prefix: 'k'
    round: 2
    method: left

feeding into

    source: sensor.office_energy_kwh
    cycle: daily
    name: Daily Office kWh
    source: sensor.office_energy_kwh
    cycle: weekly
    name: Weekly Office kWh
    source: sensor.office_energy_kwh
    cycle: monthly
    name: Monthly Office kWh

I know that sensor.office_power_power is picking up data because it presents in a sensor graph