Plug-in Z-wave or zigbee temperature sensor

Has anyone found a plug-in z-wave or zigbee temperature sensor? I see plenty of wireless ones that are tiny, which is a fine option if needed. But I have plenty of spare outlets and a battery-less option would be best.

The AeoTec Z-wave Multisensor can be run off of micro USB connection. While setting mine up this is what I do until I have all the settings right then I use batteries, but you can always leave it plugged in.

Good find! Not a bad option, and it does answer my question - thanks.

Nit picking, if I had my way (which I don’t):

  • Cost: at $60, I could get 3 of the cheap zigbee wireless ones
  • Form: While the device looks very clean, adding the USB would make it messy and I’m sure my dogs would destroy it

They do make a nice recessed mount for it if you don’t mind running wire behind a wall or ceiling.

This, of course, gets you more than just temperature.

Homeseer HSM200

Plugs directly into outlet.
I haven’t used this but think I may get one to test

I use those Aeotec’s and I have mounted them to the ceiling with the USB cable going up into the roof space to plug in to an outlet I installed near each one. No cables showing and always powered so they are able to act as repeaters. My Z-Wave network is rock solid and very fast as a result. They are great sensors. I use the light level sensing to determine if it is dark enough to turn the light on during motion. They aren’t cheap but they work well.

Any chance of sharing a photo? Sounds clean.

Bingo! Good find. Two questions:

  1. Do you think the led is actually blue when it’s off like in the picture? It’d be so great to have an indicator light as well, but looks kinda ugly if it’s colored all the time.

  2. It seems to say that you need their hub even though it also says z-wave. Do you think it would work with any zwave stick? I don’t see why not…

I’ll get some photos for you shortly

Looks like it is recognized as a light that may be turned ON/OFF and color changed.
I am not certain if it will function like that with HA/openzwave

It is in openzwave so I’m sure yes. Just not sure what features will work

I’m buying so gimme a week and I report result

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You can set the light as you see fit within the options below:

I have the LED turned off for all of mine, since I utilize batteries; but they do blink blue for motion. Not bright enough or on long enough to be utilized as a night light; however, they are motions sensor that you can have trigger automation to have other lights come on. You wanted temperature and yet you get so much more.
Here is some of my setup:


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Older version. Would be better if I had a white USB cable

Newer version 6 using optional extra recess mount

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darn it…that recessed mount does look good…
guess one of my next projects is routing power and cutting holes.

Homeseer HSM200

Temp sensor work great. Accurate.

Has motion sensor that reports 7(motion) and 0(no motion). Not sure if other states exist…this seemed to stay active about 1 minute or so before return to 0 state

It has luminance sensor that works well.

The led seems to appear as binary sensor. It is OFF and never ON. I suspect the switch for LED is an entity that appears as unknown. I don’t currently have interest in LED so likely won’t check further but I’ve had the aeotech multisensor and I like this much better

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