"plug & play" move of hardware into a new house?

hi all,

we will be moving into a new house later this year and i am already getting headaches when it comes to the transition of all the smart gear to the new place - i really don´t want to reconfigure the whole thing!

however, there is hope i might get away easy because of some circumstances. all my connected devices (lots of lights, power outlets, thermostats, sensors, bridges etc.) are not connected directly to the current house internet router, but to a netgear orbi mesh system. the IPs (static) are created via orbi and everything in terms of communication between devices and systems happens on that layer.
the good news is the orbi will also move into the new house - but the router won´t.

so the question of the day is:
can the orbi be considered a proxy and if i simply connect it to the new router in the new location, everything will just work because technically the config on the mesh wifi side will remain just the same?

would be great to get some experiences or best practices for a full house move with a focus on smart devices.


it seems like nobody understood my idea or nobody made the experience :smiley:
however, i will share my experience once the move is done later this year!

Not exactly the same situation you’re looking at, but it might put your mind at ease a little.

We just changed our ISP this weekend, and I don’t (and never have or will) use their included wifi. So I have my own wifi router behind their box, and I got exactly what you’re trying for. I had to do some minor reconfiguration of their box and mine to make them work properly together, but all my devices kept working and communicating.

Most of my switches and lights are ZWave so not relevant, but all chromecasts, wifi plugs etc kept working as they should do.

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thanks for that update! sounds really good to me :slight_smile:

I had the same issue before … a long time ago I already changed to static IP and maintain a IP-Map (Devicename, Mac-Adress, IP-Adress)in Excel … whenever I have a new router/proxy I just spend the 1h and configure my router/proxy manually with the static IP’s

I moved 4 times in the last 3 years and it always required a new router … after the 1h router configuration … everything works like a charm.

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