Plug/Switch turning off on its own

I followed @philhawthorne guide to automating dumb appliances. Used my dishwasher It works great! Anybody who doesn’t know what I’m talking about…

I have a weird problem with my Z-Wave plug randomly turning off. Which due to its location is effecting the wife acceptance factor!

So far i have

  • Disabled any switching of group.all_switches within all automations/scripts (No Brainer)
  • Ensured the switch isn’t being changed by any other automations/scripts (" ")
  • Changed the plug module from a Green Energy module to a TKB

Are there parameters i can change to disable the switching of the plug making it just a meter?

I do have a possible solution of creating an automation to ensure it stays on but this feels dirty and wouldn’t help if the dishwasher was mid cycle.

My setup if relevant is a Synology Server, Docker, Aeotec Gen5 USB with 70+ other Z-Wave devices.

Look at the logbook to see if HA is turning it off. If it is then maybe it will also give you a clue to what might be controlling it.

Otherwise the device might be defective.