Plugwise Anna heating state incorrect after core update 2022.3?

I am not sure this behavior is incorrect but it seems strange to me as there is no way to detect when the system is only heating the room.
Since core 2022.3 update the plugwise integration has 3 new binary sensors; ‘auxiliary_dhw_state’, ‘opentherm_flame_state’ and ‘opentherm_heating’.
When I am using hot water all thee are enabled, when I am heating the room ‘opentherm_flame_state’ and ‘opentherm_heating’ are enabled (have screenshots of the log if needed).
Shouldn’t ‘opentherm_heating’ not be triggered when using hot water?
As a side effect the UI card shows that the room is heating when using hot water.

I am trying to make an automation for when the room is heating (enable floor pump). I thought ‘opentherm_heating’ would be sufficient but now i also need to check if ‘auxiliary_dhw_state’ isn’t on. If I ever happen to be using hot water when heating starts there will be an unsolvable situation.
Checking if setpoint temperature is higher than measured temperature doesn’t work as the system starts pre-heating in the morning before the threshold has been reached. I tried this and didn’t work.
‘hvac_action’ also triggers on both hot water and heating, so can’t use that either.
I don’t see a way to make a robust automation if the current behavior is as intended.

Seeing as the Anna system itself knows the difference between using hot water (tap icon) and heating the room (radiator icon) it should be possible to get this data in HA as well?

The opentherm_heating state corresponds with the flame icon on the Anna, the auxiliary_dhw_state (sorry, due to the way HA works, the old name sticks, if you delete the plugwise integration and add it, the binary_sensor name will be correct: opentherm_dhw_state) corresponds to the tap icon on the Anna.

The opentherm_flame_state shows when gas is being burnt in your heating system, which will happen when water is actually being heated for heating, for tapping hot water, or for heating and tapping hot water.

For your automation use opentherm_heating state, in my experience this binary_sensor actually shows the state of the internal pump of your heating system. Als long as this internal pump is running, the Anna will show the flame icon.
Just to be sure you understand this, the flame icon on the Anna does not mean that gas is being burnt.

Thank you for the quick response. So there is nothing which corresponds to the Anna radiator icon state?

Using just opentherm_heating wont do because then the floor heating pump also turns on every time i draw hot water.

Sorry, the 'opentherm_heating` binary_sensor corresponds to the Anna radiator icon. That sensor is off when only hot water is being tapped.

I think there might be a bug then. When I tap only hot water binary_sensor.opentherm_heating also turns on, see log screenshot. In this situation the Anna device only shows the tap icon.

I just reinstalled the integration but the behavior remains the same.

This is what I see on my Adam when I tap hot water:

So it works for the Adam.
Would you mind creating an Issue here: Issues · plugwise/plugwise-beta · GitHub
Then we’ll try to solve this bug.

@Meessen1 Just a heads up, to be able to troubleshoot the bug you found, I will need to receive some data from your system.
At http://<your smile ip address>/core/appliances detailed data of the operation of the Anna is shown.
Can you capture the data from that URL, 1) when your system is only heating and 2) when your system is only heating tap water?

I shall try to do it today.

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Submitted the bug: [BUG]: `opentherm_heating` incorrectly enabled when using only hot tap water with Plugwise Anna thermostat · Issue #250 · plugwise/plugwise-beta · GitHub

Thank you for helping.
Let me know if I need to supply anything else.