Plugwise Circle as Zigbee (ZHA) device


I’m considering buying a large amount of Plugwise Circle plugs. Apparently those used to be sold as a closed system and the app of that system is not supported anymore, so a lot of people are selling them now very cheap. However, it seems those are basically Zigbee plugs, but they don’t adhere to the Zigbee standard in all possible ways. According to the Zigbee compatibility database, they are compatible with Zigbee2MQTT, but not with ZHA. Is this still right? Does someone have experience with these in a Zigbee network? A custom quirk maybe?

(Note: there’s also a Plugwise HA integration. I’m not looking for that, I want to add these plugs directly to my existing Zigbee network.)

It turns out there are multiple versions of the plugwise plug, that look almost the same. I got three units of the “legacy” version. (I got them second hand, very cheap.) I think it can be distinguished from the newer version by the fact that it has no buttons at all, while the newer version has a small pair button on the side and a control button on the front.

The newer version is probably Zigbee compliant and is the version that is mentioned in the Zigbee database. The older version that I have, does not seem to be Zigbee compliant at all. I was able to factory reset one, by following a sequence of plugging it in and out. However, it does not show up as Zigbee device when I put ZHA in pairing mode.

With the new ones you mean the Plugs that go with the Plugwise Adam?