Plugwise features loria duo extra entities

Plugwise has released 2 features for the loria duo. The specific loria duo feature and the cooling feature.
Loria feature

this allows the heating of the boiler water and also coolingfunction to be controlled. as well as some additional features.
it would be nice if these features could be included as an entity in home assistant

We are working on it.
Loria support is already present in the plugwise-beta custom_component, but it’s untested.
Are you willing and able to test plugwise-beta? Please let me know.

Good news, support for heating and cooling via an Elga, Loria or Thermastage connected to an Adam (or Anna, where applicable) will be added to Home Assistant Core version 2022.10.0 is my expectation.

Great, can you confirm that tap water (DHW) boost is also implemented and can be addressed from HA APIs after the optional Loria feature is enabled? I don’t see it mentioned in the documentation but the above text would suggest it is implemented.

@itsbvka the available dhw_modes are indeed settable via HA.
There should be a Select-entity for this under the OpenTherm device.
Also available now in HA Plugwise.