Plugwise P1 Doesn't work with the new energie upgrade of HA 2021.8.0

I am running HA Core 2021.8.0 on a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS virtual system.
I have a Plugwise P1 powermeter reader to load elektric and gas usage data into HA.
This works well as an integration in a card.

Now with this new energy module in 2021.8.0 i tried to add the plugwise p1 as consumption source but it says:“No matching stats found”.

Maybe the plugwise doesn’t work with this energie module or something is wrong with the integration?
Or i am doing something wrong?

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The HA gui suggets you inform the Plugwise integration developers about this issue, since they probably missed this : Sensor Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs
We just need to find out WHO :wink:

I mailed them a minute ago asking if they have plans to implement it. :crossed_fingers:

As a work around, I tried the Utility Meter integration, and that works pretty good, so far :wink:

after configuring that make sure, the entities you created, have these values in their yaml :
state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
(use this menu for these settings: http://homeassistant:8123/developer-tools/state)

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Hi @JeeBee,

I got a reply on my mail from plugwise they said they don’t write the plugwise integration but someone else and he/she has made an update on github 10 days ago. They gave me this url Release Energy support and bugfixes · plugwise/python-plugwise · GitHub

I am going to dive into both options yours and the github link.