Plugwise USB / Zigbee


I’m considering getting a second hand Plugwise USB stick and a set of “legacy” Plugwise Circle smart plugs with metering. I already have a Zigbee network, but it seems those “legacy” units cannot be used as Zigbee devices and need that proprietary Plugwise USB stick.

Does someone have experience with running both a Zigbee network and a Plugwise network? Should I be concerned about interference? From what I’ve read online, the legacy Plugwise Circle plugs do use some sort of mesh network. Some people even say it is Zigbee, but not entirely compliant. In that case, interference is likely, and I should probably not try to run two networks in parallel, right?

I’m running 4 zigbee networks in parallel. Plugwise USB Stick, Plugwise Adam, Ikea Tradfri and a DIY zigbee coordinator with various devices connected.

I do sometimes have some connection issues but these are seldom happening.

You do know there is a HA custom_component for the USB Stick?

Thanks, that is reassuring!

I know. I only discovered that I need one “Circle+” plug to get started, so I need to obtain one of those first, before I can test. I was a bit reluctant to spend more money, because of the uncertainty about multiple networks. But with your post, I think it’s worth a gamble.