PMSX0003 Update interval


I bought a sensor PMS7003, used config from: and it is working perfectly but I would like to extend a lifetime of this sensor by extend interval time. Now it is a few seconds. I just want to use it as: there is a update interval option. Is it possible to add soon?

Is there a way to disable blinking blue led on wemos d1 mini when u use uart? @OttoWinter

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This would would be great feature

you better fill an issue or a feature request

I dont know how to do it :frowning:

@ozzi91 just go here and open a new issue. If you don’t know how to i can do it for you.

Yee i dont know, github is not friendly for me at all.
I fu can do it for me, i will be gratefull :slight_smile:

Hi @ozzi91

I open a feature-request

i let you see OttoWinter answser

Thank you, im writing a answer right now :slight_smile:

Mby u would “translate” it to simpler words so i can make it work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Datasheet for pms5003/7003 state a mean time between failure of ≥3 years, or 26280 hours.
Datasheet for the nova sds011 does state an 8000 hour laser life.
I would have thought the lifetime would be similar to that of an led, perhaps dust inside the sds011 is a contributing factor

If anyone can give me any pointers with wiring a pms7003 that would be tops… See here. Ta.

Edit: All good got it… Pmsx003 Air quality sensor longevity and data stability - #5 by Mahko_Mahko