POE Camera - China & Information Security


I´ve read a lot about cameras here, and I plan to set up two cameras around my house.- front and back side,

  • 2k resolution (will be enough)
  • nightvision b&w
  • motion detection would be cool
  • ptz - automatic would be cool too - but that´s not nesessary
  • everything should work inside my network - with ha in a proxmox vm container and frigate also. Maybe
    I´ll get a google coral USB Stick for better performace.

And after reading a lot of treads here and in the internet outside the forum, I have some questions… - hopefully, that somebody has some answers :slight_smile:

  1. ReoLink Cameras seem to offer a good mixture between price & quality. Right - or any other suggestions for EU customers?
  2. I don´t and will never use the (… spy…) cloud services. But what about calling home of these chinese cameras? Any experices here?
  3. What about h.265 Support in ha? Is it right, that only h.264 is really supported?

And - any suggestions, experiecens on this idea? Tips are welcome. Thanks, Ch

Definitely hardware quality but their rtsp / http-flv stream implementations are certainly not high quality, so using it with software like frigate isn’t as good as better quality cameras recommended on the frigate docs.

no matter the camera, you should always have it on a firewall blocked from internet access

That was the case for a long time but recent versions of chrome fix this so h.265 works fine as well in most cases