POE Camera with sensor input

Looking for a POE cam with a binary sensor input for connecting switch

Anyone have recommendation?

Here’s one…

In case you’d like something more budget friendly you may want to give us a set of parameters to work with.
Pretty much any/all of them (Acti, Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, etc.) have it on a wide array of models so it’s hard to recommend one v.s. the other without knowing what else you’re looking for.
If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the purpose of the input on the camera ?
Just because the camera have an input doesn’t mean you can do much with it as it all depends on how the camera - AND - NVR handles it.

Yeah. Jumped the shark with that one…$8k :slight_smile:


  • power and network at remote location…no WiFi
  • already have Armcrest POE camera but also considering a doorbell or motion sensor at same location
  • want to use input to connect switch or button
  • desire to limit devices at location so camera with sensor sounds useful
  • considered RasPi or similar diy buy just want to see if there is product available to meet need (lazy)
  • would like input accessible by api


  • under $200USD but will consider up to $700 depending on features/quality

I think DIY may be cheapest route but was wondering if someone found something I may have missed