PoE Zigbee Router

After some advice…

I’ve got HA / Zigbee2MQTT running on a device. Zigbee devices connect no problem at all.

However - I’ve got a ‘Mancave’ in my house, the other side of a fire wall with no realistic opportunity to extend the mesh via bulbs / sockets.

The devices in the Mancave are VERY patchy at best, because they grab a connection through a window, through a window at 90degrees, and to the bulb on the ceiling in that room!

I would like to hardwire a Zigbee router into the loft space above the mancave… I’m looking for a recommended piece of hardward that would be PoE and I could just leave running as a router in the loft space…

I’ve done a bit of research and found this

What do you guys think? Can you think of better options?
As a cheaper alternative, I guess I could get a cheap usb Zigbee router, connect it to a spare Pi3 I have and stick that in the loft space…? If using the Pi, any recommendation of best OS to use for the purpose of running the MQTT service?


Do you want a router or a second coordinator ?

If wanting a router, no need for a pi or a poe coordinator, simply flash a Sonoff dongle (either P or M) or other Zigbee dongle with router firmware, and plug it in a USB charger. Or buy a IKEA signal extender.

If wanting a second coordinator, a Pi would do, or a POE coordinator like the UZG-01, the slzb-06(m) or one of TubeZB coordinators.

If using the Pi, Debian would do, or Raspberry OS.

I use the SLZB-06 Zigbee Ethernet PoE USB LAN WIFI Adapter here: SLZB-06 Zigbee Ethernet PoE USB LAN WIFI Adapter

It comes already configured for home assistant and Zigbee2MQTT. I just plugged it in when it arrived and it pretty much just works. It’s been rock solid for 6 months. Super fast and highly reliable. I highly recommend. It can also be flashed to make it a router/repeater.

Thanks for the reply. I’m very new to Zigbee and very much in the still learning phase!
There’s no way that a Zigbee device in location 1 will be connect to a Zigbee device in location 2 and it’s just not practical to extend the link between the two with bulbs / plugs etc.

I think I’ve misunderstood how it works… Am I right in thinking that a PoE Zigbee Router in the second location would be useless then? I was thinking I would be able to tell it to connect to my Zigbee2MQTT instance running on my HA box… perhaps a router only connects to other Zigbee devices directly. Oh. In that case perhaps it’s a second coordiator I need to set up, so a separate mesh for the 2nd location.

Correct, it does not route over ethernet.

sounds good… but I already have a Sonoff Zigbee P device plugged into my HA and connected to Zigbee2MQTT… Am I right in thinking I can’t have a 2nd coordinator though… And a router isn’t going to help because it can’t reach another Zigbee device in the other part of the house…

I was thinking that the SLZB-06 as a router could connect devices in the new location back to the Zigbee2MQTT service I have running on HA… but I’m guessing not?

Thanks for confirming…
So I need to set up a 2nd Zigbee network then…? I thought you could only have 1 Zigbee2MQTT coordinator per home assistant though?

OK - another thought…

My HA instance runs in a virtual machine on VirtualBox…
Could I start another virtual machine, install Zigbee2MQTT on that virtual machine, connected to the SLZB-06, and point it to the HA MQTT broker on the other virtual machine? That would eliminate the need for the Pi

No, you can have as many Zigbee2MQTT coordinators as you wish. Just use a different base topic.

I thought HA was limited to just 1 instance of Zigbee2MQTT running?
Although, I’ve just read about a work around using an extra ‘/’ on the end of the repository, which makes 2 appear!