Pointing Web Address to Home Assistant

I have my own web address and SSL certificate. They are hosted through GoDaddy. I would like to point my web address to Home Assistant (forgive me if I said it backwards) and use the address for remote access and for creating access for using Alexa. I know I can use Nabu Casa, Duck DNS, etc. Could someone point me in the direction or give me directions on how to do it with my own website and certificate. I have searched and watched YouTube videos, but everything seems geared towards Duck DNS. Thank you.

Use DuckDNS for your Home Assistant server then do a redirect from your site.

I have a very similar setup to what you are describing. I have a GoDaddy domain, and use a LetsEncrypt certificate with the NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy Manager.

I’m not clear if you want to link from your existing website or if you want to use your domain name access your HA instance with SSL. Assuming the latter.

Since you have your own certificate you should be able to get this working using just the NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy Add-On.

You will need an A record in GoDaddy for your top level domain or subdomain. Install and Configure NGINX HA SSL Proxy with your certificate. Port forward 443 on your router to your HA system. Add the http redirect to your HA configuration.yaml. Restart.

As others have mentioned, DuckDNS solves the problem of having to manually update your GoDaddy A record IP address when it changes. I didn’t want to use DuckDNS so I wrote a script to update my A records using the GoDaddy API.

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Nice! I’ve been toying with doing something with a GoDaddy domain name I have lying around anyway. It never occurred to me to check to see if GoDaddy had an API I could use. Any chance we could see your script?

There is a really good tutorial @ instructables including a bash or PowerShell script. :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

The PowerShell script in the link @paddy0174 posted is what I used as a starting point. My script does everything there but adds logging and a push notification with the new IP. I used the Home Assistant API for the push notification.