[Poll] Smart light or switch?

What do you predominantly use?

  • Smart light and no switch
  • Smart switch and dumb light

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Smart lights are cost prohibitive, but they can easily be moved. Smart switches are pretty much fixed, but can control and entire 15AMP circuit of lights.

I would think the primary use of a smart bulb would be the ability to control features other than dimming.

I would 100% go for an smart switch - the functionality of an regular switch is there and you can do remote fun with it - Sadly I didn’t found good one wire switches yet… There are exceptions like an mood lighting or things like bedside lamps.

There are at least two cases I can think of where smart switches can’t be installed:

  1. if renting
  2. if (like mine) all your switches are architrave types.

I use both, so won’t vote. One comment though, $10 isn’t bad value for a smart led bulb, imho of course.

Ha. I nearly put in ‘a mix of both’ but went with the question asking which you use most of instead.

I knew I was going to be in the minority but the scale of the difference is surprising.

I use a mix. The issue in Aus is that smart switches (z-wave etc.) are super expensive vs a smart bulb.

Not if your house is full of Lifx :grimacing: Even buying on sale. When I started Tuya wasn’t an option because - “cloud”.

Plus the sparkies labour, costs start spiraling then

Still havnt found a another smart light that can compare to the lifx light output

I find the smart lights better in my opinion, it also depends on your use case.

Sometimes my parents visit and they want to use the ordinary switch to switch them on and off. Me for example: I am lazy and what to do as much as possible with my voice and or switches, sensors around my house.

Myself i got the “Smart” yeelights which are pretty cost effective (even more in sale €12,-) and also use the Xiaomi “Smart” switch for other components in my house.

My whole idea is to be modular. If i decide to move to another house or ban HA out of my house (which is never going to happen) i’d like to switch them all for ordinary lights.

I almost never use the GUI which is why I haven’t put too much effort in making it look pretty. Most of my lighting control is 100% automated. I just walk around and lights turn on and off as required. On top of that, it’s then voice control

Certainly not the most cost effective however I think the most ideal solution is a combination of both!

Smart bulbs have the advantage of dimming / color (temp) changing abilities and switches of course have the advantage of being an easy way of “interfacing” with the light.

In places such as hallways I use a combination of motion/door sensors and smart bulbs and no switches, while in other rooms I often use switches together with smart bulbs.

all down to use case… I use both so won’t vote…

a. You cant change the colour on a dumb bulb
b. Sometimes there are fixtures/fittings that there simply are no smart bulbs for (like a GU4, 5.3, 6.35…) and you are unable to change the fixtures (because you rent)

so it’s a bit like saying, what is better, a ferrari or a monster truck… you have to provide the context or use case to decide…

Well obviously a ferrari, until it breaks down (common) or you just want to drive over bad drivers.

Considering the poll is closed you cant anyway.

No it isn’t. I did not ask which was better I asked which you used.

ok, sure…