Pollen/Allergy Sensor

Website works but still getting the API errors in the log.

@cooljimy84 @davefi

Is this platform (socialpollencount) working?

I get:-

{"status_code":"200 OK","date":"2019-02-15T18:57:25+00:00","forecast":[]}

Surely the pollen information should be in the forecast payload?


Sorry @daneboom, I never actually used it so can’t really comment more than to say I get the same as you - nothing in the forecast payload.

If you go to the site directly (not the api URL), then it seems to be half missing (lots of blank areas) so it looks like its not working (properly?) right now.

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Developer here. Their private API isn’t the most stable, unfortunately; however, they’re usually quick to correct issues.

Mine fails, so i’ve removed it for the moment

Same here. It’s a great component but the pollen service itself sucks.

Hi all,

any hope to have the new component in 0.93 available for non US countries?


+1 on that one. Would be great to get something like this in Norway :slight_smile:

Sorry, all: IQVIA is U.S. and Canada only. :disappointed:

Are you sure it works in Canada, I tried it with a Canadian postal code and I got an error msg
No data for ZIP: *** ***

From what I can tell, IQVIA only accepts five-digit ZIP codes. Seems like many spots in Canada have one (in addition to the XXX XXX format); do you?

Nope, don’t know of anywhere in Canada that has a 5 digit zip code just the A9A 9A9 format.

This is working again, not sure how stable as the source API is flakey, but it is working for me at the moment…


What about doing a scrape of https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/seasonal-advice/pollen-forecast

Hopefully! I would love to have pollen information available for the UK as I’m one of the poor souls who has a Weeds and Tree pollen allergy so I have it pretty much all spring/summer/autumn… :frowning:

I tried it myself a while ago but couldn’t work it out.

This is what I get for my lat and long in the channel islands:


This is using the rest sensor as described in my last post referencing the work done by @resoai

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That’s great! Thanks! Hadn’t spotted that when I scanned through the last few posts.

yea, it is normally moderate to low, but the French must be getting upset about Brexit (although we were never a part of the EU here) and are sending pollen our way…

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Brilliant! Thanks! Working perfectly.

Now to extract data for two sensors from one REST command AND to perform some string matching to make automations a possibility!

Hi all,
Is it posible to integrate Yandex Pollen?