Polling interval doesn't change after integration re-configuration

The integration workflow has the ability to change the poll interval and I want that to take effect immediately.

I had it working but lost the original source so had to remanufacture but can’t get it to work! Can;t find my mistake.

My repository and attempt is here: homeassistant-apsystems_ecur/config_flow.py at 797b2cdb603a0e7fc2dda1088302b52bcb8edbe3 · HAEdwin/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur · GitHub

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!

Think I got it, not many google results so I hope it’s allright - does work though!

coordinator = self.hass.data[DOMAIN].get("coordinator")
coordinator.update_interval = timedelta(seconds=self.config_entry.data.get(CONF_SCAN_INTERVAL))