Pool analysis automation

Hello, I would like to get a smart pool water analyser to monitor a few basic indicators as: Salt, Chlorine, Ph, Water Temperature and Alkalinity.
I understood that can be done with ESP devices but I prefer a floating system directly in the pool, and of course working with HA.
Some system like Poolsense seems good but have to change almost all device when battery is Dead and I live in Thailand so will not be easy to order…
Does anyone have any experience to share?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I use Atlas Scientific Wi-Fi Pool Kit/ Bare-Bones - Sensors & probes integrated into HA. The probes are inside an old half litre PET bottle (bottom cut off). Looks a bit shady but does the job nicely. I run ESPHome on the device instead of the stock version.

Thank you Swa :slight_smile: I’ll have a look :slight_smile: thanks a lot

How exactly can be integrated in HA? Expuse my maybe dumb question but I am a newby to programming and HA.
Can be used also to trigger other components in HA?


I guess a good followup to ask is if you have the “standard” probes or the “industrial” ones for your setup and do you feel that one was a better choice over the other?

Hi :slight_smile: a follow up of ICO set up in HA:

Then adéquat alerts if specifics sensor goes wrong or have height numbers.
Any questions, let me know

I don’t think you need anything more than the standard probes. Keep in mind: it’s a pool we’re measuring not something mission critical :wink:

Fair point- I just didn’t know if having the propes all in one head instead of multiple had any advantage that might have been of note. I do have a point against the industrial, which is it makes it the “tv/vcr combo unit” problem- one sensor goes bad and all three are conjoined.