Pool Security System

I am looking to find someone who is interested to work with me on developing a way to have a robust and easy to implement Pool Security system. I have @alarmo installed in my HA setup, and I am looking to either use that or something else. I have written up a SBAR format of the issue and what I think can be done but need some more knowledgeable help to achieve this.

Objective: Addressing the critical safety concern of unsupervised access to home pools, particularly by children and pets, through the development of an advanced pool security system.

Approach: Utilizing Home Assistant integrated with Alarmo to create a comprehensive alarm system. This system will include a digital and physical alarm panel, motion and entry sensors, cameras for zone monitoring, and a robust notification system.

Goal: To significantly enhance pool safety by implementing a reliable and user-friendly alarm system, ensuring instant alerting and monitoring capabilities around the pool area.

Project Plan for Pool Security System Development

1. Situation

  • Issue Identification: Home pools present significant safety risks, particularly for children and pets. Existing safety measures like gates are not foolproof.
  • Objective: To enhance pool security and safety using a comprehensive, automated alarm system.

2. Background

  • Current Solutions: Pool gates; however, they are not sufficient for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Technology Available: Home Assistant with Alarmo integration, offering capabilities for creating a functional alarm panel system.
  • Proposed Technology Use: Leveraging Home Assistant and Alarmo to create a digital and physical alarm panel system, integrating various sensors and notification methods.

3. Assessment

  • Requirements Analysis:
    • Alarm Panel: Must support PIN code activation, compatible with both digital interfaces and physical keypads.
    • Sensor Integration: Incorporation of motion sensors, open/close sensors on gates or doors, and cameras for zone monitoring.
    • Notification System: Real-time alerts to various devices (phones, speakers, sirens) upon alarm activation.
    • Alarm States: Configurable states based on sensor types (All, Motion, Entry).
    • Reliability: System must provide fast and dependable notifications, along with clear audible alerts.
  • Feasibility: The integration of Home Assistant with Alarmo provides a viable platform for this project.

4. Recommendation (Solution Design)

  • System Architecture:
    • Alarm Panel Setup: Utilize Alarmo within Home Assistant for creating a digital alarm dashboard. Integrate a physical keypad for manual setting and deactivation.
    • Sensor Network: Install motion sensors and open/close sensors around the pool area. Integrate cameras for live monitoring and recording.
    • Notification System: Set up instant notifications to phones, speakers, and sirens through Home Assistant automations.
    • Alarm States Configuration: Program Alarmo to allow different alarm states based on sensor activity.
  • Implementation Steps:
    1. Setup Home Assistant: Install and configure Home Assistant on a dedicated device.
    2. Integrate Alarmo: Add and configure Alarmo within Home Assistant.
    3. Hardware Installation: Install physical keypad, sensors, and cameras around the pool area.
    4. System Configuration: Link sensors and cameras to Home Assistant, set up alarm states and notifications.
    5. Testing and Adjustment: Test the system thoroughly in various scenarios, adjusting settings as needed.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance:
    • Regularly check system functionality.
    • Update software and hardware components as needed.
  • Documentation:
    • Create detailed documentation for system setup and operation.
  • Timeline and Milestones: Establish a timeline with specific milestones for each phase of the project.

Additionally there is an example of a stand alone system called SwamCam that has some of what I am looking for. Look at this for some idea and inspiration.

Do you realize the liability accepted by a volunteer helping you with setting this up? Someone gets hurt and it was their code that was determined to have failed, they would be sued out of existence for a project that they helped you with.

I am certainly not volunteering to help with this, and I highly suggest no one else does either.

Pay a real security company to help you is my advice.

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I guess I didn’t really think of that aspect. The application of the idea could be applied to a general security system and adapted to a pool, storage unit, gated area, or other sort of use case.

My idea and goal was to try to develop some sort of way to use automation and security to help save lives and secure/protect some area outside of the normal Security setup that protects a standard home like Alarmo is designed for.

I appreciate your candor and insight. I will still endeavor to come up with some sort of solution to help secure and prevent to the best of the ability a system like this could provide.

I will say that I do know open-source software like Home Assistant and integrations like Alarmo come with disclaimers that limit the developer’s liability. These disclaimers typically state that the software is provided “as is” without any guarantees of reliability or suitability for a particular purpose. Users generally agree to these terms upon using the software, which can limit legal recourse against developers in case of failure.

Now, with saying this, it isn’t always a catch all legally but being the open source community that HA is, I was truly hoping for someone who could see the true benefit a solution like this would provide rather then the potential downside of liability.