Pool Timer Setup

So, I just finished my pool wiring automation, have it running off a relay and switching well.

Now I need some groovy magic like a timer, and some other fancy shannigans.

Any ideas for a timer solution or a integration used for pool pump timers and controls etc.


Scheduler card works great for a timer.

Thanks, I was hoping there was a turn key all in one solution based around pools, including pool related stuff like temperature and some other bells and whistles


Have a search through blueprints. Someone might have made something that suits the components you have.

The picture isn’t very clear on what is occurring. Does it allow you to install and then just spins or it spins before you see the install option?

Is that your first HACs integration or have you had other HACs things working? If you have just installed HACs you might need a restart and/or a page reload.

Once the scheduler component is installed in HACs you also need to activate(install) it via the integrations menu page.
Configuration > devices & services > + add integration.

Don’t forget to install the scheduler Card in HACs also.

Thanks bud, all is go after I installed scheduler and it’s working perfectly.


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