Is anyone currently using PoolSense either integrated with HA or not? I’m curious how it works and if it’s worth it.

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Did you see the release notes for HA 0.113, it shows a new integration PoolSense, added by @haemishkyd.

Do you have a PoolSense?

I just heard about it from the release notes an am interested but cant’ find much information on them. They seem to be based out of South Africa?

I do not have it. Like you, I saw the release notes and was curious about it.

I saw the release notes and bought one. I am in the UK and had it shipped from SA, though this week they now have a reseller in the UK (so I could have saved £80 shipping and tax!).
I should be fantastic if it does what it says and integrates with HA.
I have had problems with it though and haven’t yet got it working. The tech support is outstanding however and I am convinced they will get it running.

Hey davidtja, any updates?

I had a few problems getting it going initially due to the satellite they use, SigFOX, amazingly it doesnt rely on WiFI or Bluetooth so thats a real plus. No idea why it wouldnt initially pick up the SigFox network, assume i’m too remote/or on very low ground. It seemed to work OK at other locations.
I’ve had it in the pool for just over a week and from what I see it seems good. I cant really comment on how accurate it is because I really need to provide Poolsense people with some accurate calibration points. I’m not sure how accurate it is out of the box.
One big thing though the support is outstanding!! For what it costs I’d say give it a go.