Poor man's central heating - newbie

Hi, newbie here.

I’ve got hass.io set up on a Pi 1b, with an Aeotec zstick, with an Aeotec smart switch and an Aeotec sensor. All devices are showing up in hass. I can see current/watts etc, temp, humidity and so on. I’m struggling to make sense of the documentation and what to do beyond this point.

I’ve got a cheap oil heater plugged into the smart switch, and the sensor in the same room. I want to use the sensor as a thermostat for the smart switch. IE. to turn the heater off and on as the temperature in the room goes up and down. This will replace the heater’s built in thermostat and start to add “smart” to it. Ultimately I want to do this for about 6 heaters and then add presence detection, outdoor temp, sun/time etc to further control what the heating does. But for now I just want to get it working in one room for one heater.

I have discovered how I can name the devices in entity-registry.yaml and i figure I can use those names in configuration/yaml and/or automation.yaml. I’m just not really understanding what to do from here. I’m finding the documentation a bit too deep-end for me!

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


Is maybe better suited for this than an automation?

@koen01 yep, ofcourse it is.

Thanks. Very helpful!