Pop sound on updates

Hi, I am fairly new to home assistant and have installed it to complement my blue iris cctv server.

I am using node red with home assistant plug in and via mqtt I have a binary sensor set up for each camera to get an input to HA on motion triggers. The problem I have is that everytime it updates I get a pop sound from the pc speaker. This is quite annoying as I use the speaker for other audio.

I have looked around and tried various things but I am not even sure where to start with this. Im certain it is home assistant that is causing it.

My setup is Win 10 with blue iris, on the same machine running WSL ubuntu and docker for home assistant container and a node red container.

Everything works fine apart from this pop sound. When adding a camera to the dashboard I get this same pop everytime it refreshes (approx 10 seconds) this is what makes me think that HA is the source of the pop sound.

I don’t have a browser or any program left open and I use the audio/speaker output of the machine to a remote hard wired speaker for audio out of blue iris itself so would like HA to be silent.

I have searched for a wav or mp3 in the HA container to see if I could rename it but nothing shows up so It might even be something that gets triggered in the host ubuntu system?

If anyone can point me in the right direction then I would be very grateful.

I don’t have my Blue Iris integrated into HA but I know that every time I log in to my Blue Iris server from another machine on my network I get the “pop” sound so I would say that is likely the source of your sound. It’s probably that BI is notifying you of an external log in from NR or HA.

I’ve never looked but there might be a setting in BI itself to disable the notification sound.

Yes finity that is the cause, another user pointed me too it in another thread.

In Blue Iris: Settings - Users - Your Account - Edit - Uncheck “On login play sound”.

Thanks for your reply