POPE004001 Smoke detector does not send alarm to HA

I have moved my popp 4001 smoke detectors from Telldus znet to Gen5+ stick. Everything looks good, but I get no response when I press the test button or test with smoke. When I turn on the switch from HA the alarm goes off, but when I trigger the detector I get no response in HA. When they were connected to Telldus, the switch was turned on.

There are 2 sensors that have an unknown status, and they also do not change when the detector is triggered.

Has anyone got them to work, or has any advice on what might need to be done?

You can try re-interviewing. If the configuration wasn’t correct when added, or if the configuration files have been updated since, that will update the interface. -David

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Thanks David!

That solved the issue, 3 new sensors appeared that indicate the status of the detector.