POPP Thermostat 701721 - HVAC mode 'off' not possible & slow actuator response

Hi everybody,

I’m quite new to HASS working with Zigbee devices. I am running a RPi 2B with a Conbee II stick and the latest version of HASS with ZHA. So far I had no issues with Zigbee devices like Hue bulbs.

I have now bougth some POPP Smart Thermostats 701721 and have successfully connected them to HASS. Target temperature, current temperature and battery status are correctly displayed in HASS.

However, it seems (at least to me as a beginner) that there are two issues with controlling the thermostats:

  1. Whenever I manually set the hvac mode (via developer tools) to ‚off‘, it automatically switches back to ‚heat‘.

  2. It also seems that when increasing the target temperature via HA, there is a delay in reaction of the thermostat valve. The valve opens very slowly and only step by step. Whereas when I increase the target temperature at the thermostat itself, the valve is immediately opened.
    I have already searched the Internet and came across a very similar issue with the Danfoss Ally thermostat:
    Danfoss Ally valve: Slow actuator response [solved]
    I also remember that I read (unfortunately not where I read it) that Danfoss Ally and POPP Smart Thermostat 701721 are kind of equal…

Can anyone please help here? What kind of log files should I provide to give deeper insights?
Thank you very much in advance.

Chiming in here with the exact same setup: I have 5 Popp 701721’s, Conbee II and running version 2021.11.4 of HA.

Im new to Home assistant as well so I cannot provide you with more information on where to search next, sorry.

Here some one else with exactly the same setup (Conbee+popp 701721 latest version of HA Supervised with ZHA for Zigbee)

HA shows the valve to be open/heating although the temperature it reports is higher than the set.
point.(16 deg, -on the base line of the graph- ) Nevertheless the radiator is cold (unlike other radiators without automatic valves in the house) so the valve seems to work. A thermometer next the valve shows 17 degrees (close enough to the setpoint)
Does the valve report “actual temperature” and “Heating” incorrectly, or is there an HA problem?
I contacted POPP, they answered that the valve would be “learning” for a month! (This seems unrelated to the wrong information shown.)

I was not able to get the POPP to run with the Conbee 2. The devices paired but didn’t respond or didn’t send any data. I switched to the Sonoff USB 3.0 and now it’s working without any problems.

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