Porch pirate - lock wooden gate

Hi all

We had some stuff stolen from our porch last night. Lady walked through our wooden gate as its not locked. Lights turned on but she didn’t care.

I want to see if I can jerry rig a lock of some sort for the gate. Like a pin that closes run by home assistant.

Is this possible? I’m willing to tinker and learn.

There are wifi locks for gates but they don’t work with HA usually.

Our fence is not high (4 foot). But I just want to make it slightly harder for people

Thanks very much

I see a Zigbee Paint Bomb in your future!!!

Everything is possible, especially if you are willing to tinker and learn. :+1:

But maybe show us a couple of photos of the said wooden gate first, if you are looking for inspiration?

my apologies for not replying. the day I wrote this my daughter hurt her arm and had to go to ED. she is fine tho (cast for 3 weeks)

here’s the gate i’m talking about


we are thining of re doing this fence to make it slightly higher but it will be a similar style/design

quite like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M76g81G3bi8 but it would require constant power. Which i could do but the gate is outdoors.

Maybe thinking a little further - if you have a motion sensor already which communicates with HA to turn your outdoor lights on you might just want to add something like a siren or loudspeaker which will be triggered when you activate the alarm and motion is detected?

Yep i run frigate. im giong to get a custom model made (frigate +) very soon and will run this and have my google audio on porch speak “f off thieves” or something like that. :slight_smile: perhaps more like “Person Detected on Porch. Recording”

“{gender} person with {color} {clothing} detected on Porch. Recording”

Now we’re talking !!! I mean I wouldn’t even need the lock. But they could just grab stuff quickly before the system announces that