Port 80 already in use by other Add-On

I have moved all my Philips Hue devices to the Conbee Stick, where also all my Aqara devices are connected to and removed my physical Hue Bridge. So I only run one single Zigbee network.
I just wanted to install the emulated Hue add-on to again be able to use the Hue App, but it requires to run on Port 80 and 443.
The issue is I am having is that I also run the NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy on my Home Assistant configuration installed on a Raspberry Pi, to gain access to my home assistant instance whilst away.
This add-on is also configured to run via Port 80 and 443.
Is there a way to clear that conflict?

I’d be curious to know about this too. Another example is if someone is running pi-hole on the same Raspberry Pi as HA, it would also use port 80.